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About Westberry:

You have been able to help cases of stress, insomnia, intrusive thoughts, micro-anxieties, and many other psychosomatic problems without medication. You’ve succeeded in what many others couldn’t. I’d like to sincerely thank you for changing the course of stress management practice.

Dr. James Elliott

It will take time to fully appreciate the way you have advanced modern psychotherapy. This brand new approach will help millions of people live their lives to the fullest. The scale of your solution is unimaginable.  

Dr. Gregory Marion

Westberry has started a new era of psychotherapy. This is a masterful practice showing you how to relieve stress faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Dr. Daisy Ochoa

Success Stories from Graduates

"If anyone would have told me that my whole perspective about my future would change, and my uncontrollable fears would melt away in the first few minutes of the Westberry Institute mental relief course, I would have said they were crazy — but they did! It’s amazing how simple and effective these solutions are."

Gloria Jane 

 Bill Carlton 

“Right after the first email, I went to my wife to share this simple discovery that’s been under my nose my whole life, although I wasn’t able to see it. I was so excited she looked at me in confusion like I went completely crazy. I guess it’s not easy to put it into words — you have to experience it for yourself.”

“This wasn’t the first time I reached out to professionals to seek help for my overwhelming stress and negative thoughts. Every time I took a therapy session or followed a stress relief plan, I couldn’t find peace and my restlessness would eventually come back. What made a huge difference was that instead of fighting symptoms, Westberry Institute helped me fight the problem at its source. Every time I got an email, I was able to learn more about myself and the way my brain works.

Gert Case

“This is an investment you can’t afford to miss, especially if you’re a busy and career-oriented person like me. I run two companies and there was a time in my life when I felt so overwhelmed with responsibilities, I almost gave up everything. I don’t believe in luck, but if such a thing exists, I was one of the luckiest people to find Westberry when I needed it most. It’s a tiny price to pay for such a relief”

Matt Harrison

Peter Sheridan

“My utmost respect for the Westberry team. I think the main reason why your mental relief plans are so effective is that instead of years of therapy, you help us easily learn the necessary skills and secret solutions in just 8 weeks, so we are always confident and ready to apply this knowledge to our everyday life. I thank you for this life-changing experience.”

“The best part of the program was that I was actually having fun. There was not even a second wasted in unnecessary fluff that would ruin my experience. From the moment I opened the first email, I felt excitement that followed me till the end of the program.”

Jenny Klein

“My fears and disturbing thoughts have completely disappeared. I can sleep through the night without worrying about work. I feel much calmer  and more confident, and I was able to handle a family crisis without falling to pieces."

André Develin

Cheryl Kellinger

“Each email and exercise was like watching my favorite TV show episode. Now that I’ve graduated from the program, it’s actually funny to think about how excited I was every Friday and how restlessly I waited for the next email to arrive at 17:00.”

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