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“A must-have program for anyone feeling frustrated or distressed. These scientifically proven mental exercises show you simple steps to achieving a lightness of being and eliminating negative thoughts. Highly recommended.”

– Dr. James Elliott


Do you find it almost impossible

to cope with daily responsibilities,

achieve focus, or think clearly

because of stress or micro-anxieties?

Stress appears in a variety of forms, especially in our modern, fast-paced way of life. You might feel you have too much to do, and you're drowning in a sea of stress and responsibility.


From your career and family issues to pressures of everyday life and EVERYTHING in between, it often feels like there’s no escape. You see no obvious solution to eliminating the stressors that cause so many problems.


You might think you’re a failure when you can’t keep up with your daily tasks. Fear, uneasiness, uncertainty about the future — these are all symptoms of stress and negative thoughts that press down on your chest with each breath you take.

...It’s like a rain cloud of negativity following your every move.


...You feel like you’re breathing through a coffee stirrer straw. You can never really get a deep breath, and feel like you’re not getting enough air.


...It's like an explosion in your brain, sending your thoughts spiraling out of control, repeating

“I can’t do it,” “I'm not good enough,” “It’s too much to bear.”


...You experience mini-anxiety and nervousness before an interview or a party, and you feel troubled even though there is nothing to worry about.


...Even at home, where everything is fine and there’s no pressure, you still feel uneasy and

can’t figure out why.

First of all, you’re not alone.

We all experience intense feelings

from time to time that make it hard

to get through the day.

Case in point: I once talked to someone who had ambitious career goals, a beautiful family, and a great educational background that would make him a desirable employee for any company.

He wanted so badly to get on with his life! He wanted more freedom, higher income, and more fulfillment from daily experiences. But he hadn’t taken any concrete steps to make it happen.

When I asked why, he explained that what was really holding him back was fear of failure.

“There are situations where the rational side of me knows everything’s fine, wouldn't think twice or be upset, but my anxiety monster inside wins. I’m in a constant state of panic or self-doubt.

“Deep down I’m trying to tell myself there’s nothing to worry about, but it’s like having pressure in my chest, and every time I exhale it gets harder to take in the air.

“I constantly feel on edge, overthinking situations, and needing reassurance that my thoughts are valid. I want someone to take the weight off. But in the end I’m exhausted, usually with a headache or migraine, over nothing.”

That’s when I gently pointed out that by not moving forward with his plan, he wasn’t avoiding failure — he was guaranteeing it.

Did this mental reframe help him? Maybe. Either way, he has my full respect and support.

But he did have a point — it’s quite hard to act when you don’t know how to deal with chronic anxiety.



It's like that dripping water torture...

Maybe you've heard of it — it's a process of slowly dripping cold water onto one’s forehead for a long period.
But how is it torture?
Well, simply because it drove victims INSANE.

While you're thinking about medieval torture and how a single water drop can be so painful and effective in driving a person to insanity, let's also think about how people of modern

society live inside a water torture chamber.


Let's talk about YOUR life:

Have you ever been irritated by continuous noise that starts out insignificant, but the longer it lasts, the more annoying it gets?

...Maybe the car engine noise that is a background track for all of us living in urban areas.

...Or maybe even a broken sink at home, dripping non-stop (not on your forehead, but even the sound of it can be insufferable).


Have you ever wanted to throw your phone at the wall because the wifi was too slow? Or you couldn't hear your friend clearly during FaceTime, so you got angry at them and started yelling?

These tiny annoyances can seem harmless and easy to ignore. But over time they become part of your daily life and have a huge impact on your mental comfort. There are countless other examples, like:


...Too much stuff on your desktop, so you can't get organized.


...A messy house where everything's out of order and you can't find what you're looking for. Even thinking about cleaning it up is painful.


...Deadlines you've been ignoring for a while, but now you can't relax until you meet them. The problem is, you don't know where to start because there are so many.


Think of it like this: You're ruining your life over a droplet of water, and no matter how outlandish it sounds, you can't find your way out of it.

Chronic stress is the experience of repeated, uncontrollable, moderate-level life stressors that exhaust the body and mind over time.


Stress should not be left untreated, because the longer you wait, the harder it gets to take action and fight it.

At Westberry Institute, it took us over two decades of constant testing and research to come up with a SIMPLE, scientific method that’s FUN to follow and works well for people in a variety of situations.


And now I want to show you what happens when someone decides to GO FOR IT.

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Secrets of a Stress-Free Life

The proven, step-by-step formula for stress relief, elimination of negative thoughts, and

improvement of your mental comfort

Find a simple solution for stress relief.

Awaken from your dark slumber to achieve ultimate focus.

Over 10,000 people have changed their lives through this simple program.

It’s time to change yours.

(Relax. You deserve it, it's good for you, and it takes less time than you think.)


Linda Berman

“If you feel that you are tired, afraid, and worried most of the time, and think this could last forever and you need some kind of miracle... This was a miracle for me. It gave me so much confidence and knowledge that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. This is easily the best program out there. Thank you!”


Matt Harrison

“The program is an investment you can’t afford to pass up. It appeared in my life when I was one step away from ending my career and completely ruining my life… I was ready to throw in the towel. I almost didn’t even take this course, but every fiber of my being told me this had to be a way to make my life fun, exciting, and profitable again. Thank God I decided to go for it, thinking, “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” And I don’t regret one second of going through the whole program. It’s life-changing, people - life-changing!”

“Have to admit that I was skeptical at first because I had tried a couple of other programs and also anxiety supplements which had done nothing for me. I decided to give it a shot and I’m so glad I did! Feeling better than I have in years now. Work and life in general are so much easier now.”

Ashley Joung


“Just finished the second step and I’m sitting right now and literally laughing out loud. I can’t even process how you managed to come up with this idea. It’s brilliant! How? Why? Why didn’t anyone think of ANYTHING like this before? It was one of the best 20 minutes of my life, and I simply can’t wait for the next step! Full respect."

Mala Morgan


Full disclosure: This is drastically different from anything you've ever seen or tried before, because it's more of a simple "field guide" to achieving harmony and success than a traditional "therapy."


The reason is there's no fluff or filler. Without medication, without one-on-one or group therapy, without apps, without long books and practices that take a lot of time and effort, our science-based system immediately gets down to brass tacks, showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why.

Want to skip the line, break into the “mysterious” realm of a stress-free life and heart-brain harmony, where YOU have full control? (Actually, if you stick with us for a while, you'll see it isn't all that mysterious.)

No problem… Just follow the steps and you can do it. Yes, the exact steps — as in, “do this...then do this...then do that.”


This exact system has...

  • Helped thousands of people discover and acknowledge their hidden stressors, what’s causing them, and how to overcome them.

  • Increased their self-esteem, and amplified their ability to create the right intention and achieve whatever they desire.

  • Empowered people around the world to finally find peace within, get free from irrational fears and take back control of their lives.


You’ll learn how to calm your mind and control every aspect of your behavior.

And you know what? Calm is a Superpower.

“The program far exceeded my expectations. It not only helped me find my way through anxiety and stress, but also gave me a better understanding of my feelings and emotions. For a long time, each decision had been like a heavy burden I wanted to avoid at any cost. Right now, I feel in control of my life. I feel motivated and full of energy. That’s the mental state every person needs to achieve if you want to live a happy, fulfilled life.”


Clive Dillon

image (2).png

Sheila Case

“I was amazed by how simple and straightforward this program was. From day one it got me into action, and I haven't stopped since. It’s funny how everyone around me feels the change and can’t guess what my secret power is. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Before I started this program I used to be the biggest “stress head”. At work I would worry about every little thing and just felt overwhelmed. Even after work I could next switch my mind off. It would run a million miles an hour. I know it sounds kind of over the top but I really feel like this program
has changed my life. I’m so glad I found it!”

John Wilson

“I was experiencing the deepest despair and highest anxiety I had ever felt, and I knew I couldn’t bear it anymore. It was time to change, and I just went for this program. Yes, I was skeptical and pessimistic. Yes, when I got to the first steps the only thing I was thinking was, “It's not going to work.” But it did! I began to see the light again for the first time in a while. I felt motivated, and eventually waking up in the morning wasn’t difficult anymore. I feel so much power to act and manage my emotions.”

image (3).png

Zacharia Penn

Invest in Your Future

Why are you still wasting your precious time on obnoxious thoughts and chronic stress that make it impossible to achieve your life goals?

Take a step back and assess the areas of your life where you can reduce the pressure. Think about all the free time and energy you have left when you’re stress-free.


  • You’re more productive.

  • Suddenly you’re able to do so much.

  • You have a higher probability of success.

  • And It feels good.

If you’re suffering from daily stress, this is the single most important investment of your life.

And it actually costs way less than alternatives.

❌ The average cost of a single therapy session with a competent psychologist is $200.

❌ The average cost of online therapy is $180 per month.

❌ The cheapest solution is to purchase app subscriptions, but they can’t provide you with proven science-based steps that work.


Our mission is to make this program accessible to anyone around the globe. You deserve a stress-free life without any type of anxiety.


And we believe the best solution is the simplest. You only have to take this 8-week course ONCE and that’s it.


To go even further, we decided to introduce a 40% discount as an incentive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

$162  $97 (This will be available for a limited time only.)


Why do you fight your life?

We all have the ability to heal ourselves.

Here’s how we help you do it:

You might not realize how much energy you lose in your everyday life. Energy is drained from you without ever regenerating, causing stress, mini-anxiety, and fatigue.

You may often be prone to insecurity, self-pity, and feeling tired and confused. You may feel you are falling into a state of chaos and fear. 

While talking to others or thinking about life, you may experience anxiousness and panic attacks.

All these emotions and feelings can be overwhelming and exhausting, affecting your entire existence, including your career and your financial and personal life. They can lead to headaches, nausea, sleep deprivation, even forgetfulness and concentration issues.

And everything starts from one simple stressor that you left untreated. It didn’t seem to be a big deal until it became unbearable.

As the stress continues, you might get angry or irritated over nothing (sometimes it’s even funny when you think about it). And even a short workout can be tiresome.

Maybe it’s time to realize you shouldn’t be feeling this way, and there has to be a simple way to solve all these problems. Read on...

If any of the following feels familiar, this program is for you:


  • Suffering from “Impostor Syndrome,” feeling, “I’m not a real professional. Even my boss and people around me think I’m incompetent.”

  • Sitting there thinking, “I will not get to the next level of my career. I’ll get stuck.”

  • Trying to bear the nagging worries about whether you have the skills to compete with more experienced professionals.

  • Thinking, “I’m chronically overworked and underpaid. I have too much to do, and my job is torture.”

  • Fearing, “I’ll lose my job and at some point, everything will collapse.”


  • “I can’t help feeling I won’t be able to afford the way I want to live.”

  • “I'm afraid I’ll waste my time without living out my dreams, and eventually I’ll even forget what my dreams were.”

  • “I worry I’ll lose my house, or never be able to provide my partner with a luxurious lifestyle like we see every day on TV.”

  • “I feel I’m a loser because of where I am in life and how little money I’m making.”


  • “Every morning I wake up empty, thinking I’m wasting my life and it’s not meaningful.”

  • “I find it hard to make decisions. How do I know which one is the right one?”

  • “I can’t help feeling like I’m a total failure, because I’m lost and still have no idea what my purpose in life is.”

  • “I can’t cope with the world around me. It’s a brutal place and everyone is awful.”

  • “I feel everyone else is more talented. I’m not good enough, so what’s the point in trying?”

Loved ones

  • “I never stop thinking something unfortunate will happen to the people I care about. (Or to me, and I’ll become a burden on them.)”

  • Wondering, “Am I good enough for my partner? I fear they’re going to leave me.”

  • Depression is unbearable. “I’m boring, not an exciting person with an exciting life.”

  • “I just can’t find the strength to ACT. I feel I’m nothing compared to all the amazing people, so my partner or friends will leave me eventually.”

Mental state

  • “I can’t get this weight off my chest. I feel I’m not worthy of my life.”

  • Looking at life thinking, “It’s moving too fast. I can’t keep up and everyone else will surpass me.”

  • Concentrating on the past. “I shouldn’t have said that.” “I shouldn’t have done that.”

  • Asking yourself, “How do others see me? What do they think of me? Are they saying nasty things behind my back?”

  • Stress has become your constant companion. “There’s no point in fighting back, so I’m starting to get used to living with it.”


Living like this is extremely hard and you deserve a better life, even if you don't believe it yourself. 

In order to heal, one should treat the cause, not the symptoms.

You must first realize that everything you feel right now is temporary and will fade away eventually.

But you’ve lived your whole life with these feelings, got used to them, and at this moment you don’t even know to begin setting every piece in its right place. 

In order to learn to ground yourself, you need a guide to acknowledge the deepest secrets of your entire life. These secrets usually are so simple and easy to obtain, but they're buried deep inside your stream of consciousness. 

Let’s start from realizing the simple truth — every act comprises energy, yet your energy is nothing without substance, without a pattern. You are the one who gives the energy its meaning.

This system is designed to show you the EXACT steps for finding the courage and strength to give your life a purpose and fill it with excitement, success, and stability.

...No More fear that’s keeping you from living the life YOU want.

...No More stress, mini-anxieties, or mood swings.

...No More disturbing OCD or intrusive thoughts.

...No More sleep deprivation or terrible nightmares.

We’ve already changed many lives for the better. You can choose to be calm or stressed out. Improve your mental health TODAY!

But right now you might hear a scary voice, saying:

“It’s so exhausting to follow restrictive programs and routines. I can’t keep up.”


“I did everything by the book, yet my stress and negative thoughts still come back over and over. It feels like torture!”

Wait a minute, who said getting healthy was torture? That’s insane! A healthy life is a happy life. 

That’s right. There must be an easier way to look in the mirror and say, “I feel free.” 

Close your eyes and imagine that today is that day.

Look at a better version of yourself:

No more stress, no more intrusive thoughts, no more anxiousness. 

No more feeling like life is not worth living. 

You are more confident and fulfilled.  

Isn't it worth it? This dream of yours will come true. Let us guide you.

No Excuses. No hesitation. Here’s what this 8-week program offers you:


  • An easy way of eliminating stress and improving your mental health without long therapies and expensive medications.

  • No stressful routines, no tortures, just a simple mental exercise that takes only 20 minutes per week.

  • Full understanding of yourself and your feelings and emotions, enabling you to fight the problem root and stem.

Be stronger than your excuses. Don’t doubt yourself, don’t doubt your dream.

Idle time is over. Increase your productivity, start a stress-free life from this very moment, and LET’S GET THINGS DONE!



Secrets of a Stress-Free Life

The 8-week treatment plan, delivered weekly by email, written and presented by our most experienced therapists, who have directly helped thousands of people.

They say dealing with negative thoughts and high levels of stress alone at home is a very frustrating experience. 

But here’s what we say: The best way to cross a frozen lake is in someone else’s footsteps.

For years, our subscribers have been asking us for the Mental Relief Online program. Now, after years of development and testing, we are finally ready to offer it to you. 

The world’s first simple, science-based system for your personal transformation, improving your mental and emotional health...in 8 weeks

There are many different traditional solutions with the sole aim of helping you improve your mental and emotional health and overcome depression and anxiety.


Disciplines such as psychotherapy, psychology, neuroscience, meditation, and mindfulness really do work, and there are many professionals who are fantastic at their jobs.


To treat anxiety and relieve stress, people usually try meditation practices, group or personal therapies, applications, books, or medications.

But all the traditional solutions have one thing in common — in order to help you, they demand time and commitment.

​For example:

One-on-one therapy with a good counselor is quite expensive, and you need several months of regular visits to finish a single course.

Psychiatric therapy not only costs A LOT, but often involves prescription medications. Yet you might think there should be a way to deal with stress without taking medication.

Meditation practice isn't just a simple 5-minute daily exercise as people might think. In reality, it’s a whole lifestyle undertaking that you have to implement throughout your life to achieve a desirable effect.

Mindfulness apps offer some simple exercises that have many benefits, but they lack a detailed, science-based, effective solution for your stress.

You could also buy a book, but you have to be very lucky to find the right one. Even then, you have to spend hours reading through it, trying to figure things out on your own.


So, what if you don’t have that much time and money, or can’t choose which solution is right for you? Are you going to be left behind?

We believe most people give up and decide to ignore their issues because they didn’t have the proper backed-by-science solution.


That’s exactly why we created this program — to help YOU find the simplest solution to your mental problems, and discover that it’s not as hard as conventional wisdom suggests.


We’ve tested it, and more than 10,000 people are now living happy lives after graduating from an 8-week program that needs no commitment, no medication, no antidepressants, and no personal (or group) therapy.


This is a process you go through in the privacy of your own home, and every step includes the exact information and instructions you need to move to the next step — no more, no less.


Here’s how we did it:

Over a decade ago the Westberry Institute was founded by a team of psychologists, psychiatrists,

and neuroscientists, representing different fields of mental science.

For years, we’ve been treating patients with different stress and anxiety-related issues, studying and researching all the existing methodologies of dealing with daily stress.

We came to realize that in modern society, almost every single person (including us) suffers from negative thoughts and stress-related issues, most of them without even realizing it.

It’s like an epidemic, spreading throughout our society and even affecting our children. It needs to be solved once and for all.

But traditional practices aren’t sufficient to provide an ultimate solution for all of us. They're just not simple and accessible enough for everybody.


We’ve challenged ourselves to rethink how TODAY'S perfect stress-relief program should look.

We gathered data from highly effective neuroscientific, psychological, and psychiatric methods and practices, relying on inputs by the world’s leading researchers and anxiety professionals.


We decided to engineer a solution from scratch using a data-driven approach based on scientific experience, considering all disciplines, distilling only what is proven to be effective, and offering

you all this experience on one plate — a single, effective solution that actually works.

We discovered that no matter how effective the practice, if it takes too much time and is hard to follow, people will give up. So we concentrated on simplicity and engagement with the program, and created a solution that’s FUN and super easy to follow.

How does it work?

Every week, on the same day, at the same exact time, a treatment plan is delivered to your email.


You don’t have to download an app or access any platform, so no username or password are necessary — just the emails you receive every week. Everything you need is right there.


You simply have to turn on your device, open an email, and start reading. All it takes is 20 minutes of your time ONCE A WEEK.


There is no homework or any practices outside the email. You just have to read through the email, watch the video, and perform one exercise that will be mentioned in the email.


Each email is written and presented by professional therapists who have personally helped thousands of people. They take the best from all the practices, offering you all the benefits in one, simple solution.


The program’s structure and its contents are the results of 20+ years of successfully treating and controlling high-stress manifestations and mild to severe anxieties, to the point of the elimination of the disorder without a trace.


It relies on proven and highly effective neuroscientific and psychological methods, as well as the experience and input by some of the world’s leading researchers and anxiety professionals.

Take a look inside the treatment plan:

Once you enroll, every Friday at 5:00 pm sharp 

for 8 weeks an email will arrive in your inbox, introducing you to the following steps of the program.

As soon as you see the first mental exercise, the whole program plan will start to make sense. You'll find out that this the only proper way of dealing with stress and negative thoughts, and that it should have been discovered decades ago.


Each step includes:

  1. Impactful short-reading material that will help you discover the small pain-points accompanying every second of your life, which you can change in order to achieve mental health and ultimate peace.

  2. A personal mental exercise, helping you overcome unhealthy habits and transform your life. This is not a “homework” type of exercise. You just have to do it once.

  3. A relevant video to watch that’ll open a whole new perspective for you, providing you with freshness and objectivity.

In order to achieve maximum concentration, we strongly recommend avoiding any distractions such as music, television, or social media while going through the steps.

This will take 20 minutes of your time, once a week. Is it worth it?

image (1).png

“I feel this program is something everyone around the world should be aware of. There are people struggling with fear and panic attacks every day, thinking it’s impossible to overcome their condition. One thing I’m very sure of is that hopelessness doesn’t lead anywhere. If you follow this program closely, getting better will not only be possible but super simple and even FUN.”

Vincent Mathews

image (2).png

“During these 8 weeks, I couldn’t wait for Friday to come to receive the next step. This was such a huge win for me, and I thank you for this incredible experience!”

Bryan Odling


Ashlea Lester

“This is the eye-opener and wake-up call that will change your life. I feel like I’ve just started the most important journey of my life. And I know I can do it. I can do anything! Thank you for this amazing experience.”

image (3).png

Nathan Anderson

“Science works! If you feel you’re on edge and have nothing left to lose, it’s time to start changing. Believe me, I’ve been there. And it might seem easier to give up, but from where I stand right now, from this perspective, I consider myself unbelievably lucky to get an actual recipe for happiness. I’m sure you have doubts — so did I. Just do it. What do you have to lose?”

Over 80,000 people have graduated from this program and in 91% of cases, there is complete remission of the mental disruptions, while in 3% there is a significant decrease in their occurrence.

The absolute genius of this method remains its simple, individual approach. Without hours of therapy each individual, reading through the email, will be able to find the answers that are personally relevant to them.

Healing is an inside job, and you seek answers that only you can obtain.

Through this program, you will be able to find them — by YOURSELF.

Be one of the few people who discover the ingenious way to a stress-free and happy life

Join the program and start transforming your life with

a revolutionary method that works. No more hesitation, it's time to act!


Here's What You Are Getting:

✔️ An easier way to eliminate stress and improve your mental health without long therapies and expensive medications.

✔️ A full understanding of yourself, your feelings and emotions, enabling you to fight the problem root and stem.

✔️ Increased self-esteem, with increased ability to create the right intention and achieve whatever you desire.

Every Friday at 5 pm, a treatment plan will be delivered to your email.

In each step, you'll discover proven and highly effective neuroscientific and psychological exercises created by some of the world’s leading scientists, psychologists, and anxiety professionals.

All you have to do is open an email and start reading. There is no homework or any practices outside of the email. All it takes to feel better is 20 minutes of your time ONCE A WEEK.

Instead of suffering from stress, fear, and negative thoughts that keep you from living the life YOU want, this program will help you learn more about your mind and feel relaxed from the very first exercise. 

$162  $97

(This will be available for a limited time only.)

100% Secure



Guaranteed Safe Checkout

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