The Mental Relief Program

The 8-Week Science-Based Solution for Relieving Everyday

Anxiety, Stress & Worrying


Success Rate




More Effective than Common Treatments


Research Studies

15-20 Minutes

Per Week

Stress and Worrying Don’t Have to be a Part of Daily Life

Today, most of the world has been convinced that
everyday worrying, stress and anxiety are part of
“normal” modern life.

For many people, modern daily life is filled with
triggers. An email at work, what others think about
you, mounting bills, rent and mortgage. That’s all it
takes to set off a racing mind.

Then, there are times when you have trouble even
putting your finger on what is causing a sense of
overwhelm. Nerves and anxious feelings just seem to
come out of nowhere for no logical reason.

When your mind is constantly on, it’s exhausting.

It’s easy to pass everyday stress off as “no big deal”,
thinking it will go away on its own eventually. But it’s
alarmingly common for minor worries and negative
thoughts today to turn into debilitating anxiety and
panic attacks over time.

The truth is every day that’s filled with worries is a day

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Get Back to Being Happy, Confident and Easy-Going

The Mental Relief Program is designed to help you get the most out of life, unshackled by unhealthy negative thoughts.

It’s a method based on over 10 years of research that’s empowered more than 80,000 people worldwide to experience total mental relief from stress, worries and micro-anxiety.

Over the span of eight weeks, the program gives you all the tools, tactics and support you need for long-lasting mental comfort. So you can finally experience mental relief and true
fulfillment in life.

The Benefits

An unshakeable sense of control

No matter how much you have on your plate, always feel you have a handle on life.

More clarity & mental comfort

Free your mind from worrying and enjoy the relaxed freedom of a mind at ease.

Feel happier & more fulfilled

Unburden your mind from negative thoughts and stress, waking each day refreshed and happy.

More energy to enjoy life

No matter how much you have on your plate, always feel you have a handle on life.

Become healthier & more balanced

No matter how much you have on your plate, always feel you have a handle on life.

Boost confidence & self-esteem

Eliminate all self-doubt and achieve your full potential by removing all limiting beliefs.

Wondering if the program is right for you?

Ask yourself if you suffer from any of the following…

  • Overanalyzing what others say and think about you


  • Overthinking and always imagining the ‘worst-case scenario’


  • Feelings of being “on edge” that make it difficult to breathe at times.


  • Self-criticism, self-doubt and thoughts that you’re not “good enough”.


  • Judging yourself and feeling like you are being compared to others


  • Negative thoughts and a racing mind that often keep you awake at night


  • Stress that causes nausea and a sick feeling in your stomach


  • Worrying about your future, financial stress or your loved ones

The Program that Solves All of the Most

Common Worries, Stress & Anxiety

The Mental Relief Program specifically targets the most common causes of stress and anxiety that 500 million people experience every day globally.

The proprietary program uses a leading-edge multidisciplinary approach that draws on proven science and more than 2000 clinically-backed studies.

In Just 8 Weeks, You Will Experience…

  • Navigate each day with ease by no longer worrying what others think about you

  • Eradicate negative thoughts by naturally and safely “switching off” the part
    of your brain that causes them

  • Breathe more freely and eradicate nauseous feelings by reducing stress


  • Reduce financial stress about work, losing your job or paying your bills


  • More peaceful sleep by eliminating negative thoughts that wake you at 3am


  • Gain clear direction and no more feelings of being “lost” or that you’re not
    “good enough”


  • Eliminate insecurities and overanalyzing by thinking more rationally


  • Mental freedom from harmful ‘what ifs’ and ‘worst case scenarios’ in your
    mind on repeat

Plus, relief from every other common stress, worry and anxiety that is
preventing you from being happy and fulfilled in daily life.

Our Single-minded Mission: to Eliminate Common Stress & Anxiety

Hi, I’m Dr Ian Stevens* from The Westberry Institute.

As a psychologist, I’ve spent the best part of 30 years treating anxiety.

Through The Westberry Institute, I have brought together some of the top experts in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, data science, wearable technology and “US intelligence"

“Together, our team has spent over 10 years developing a method based on neural-mechanisms, psychology, data meta-analysis and human behavior that has helped more than 80,000 eliminate daily stress and worries.”

The revolutionary program we have created draws on thousands of research studies, identifying and implementing only the 0.1% of methods that are proven to work – and making them all available to you for the first time.

Our belief is that no one should have to live with daily worries, stress and anxiety. And our
mission is to make this a reality.

The Only Clinically-Backed Program with a 94% Success Rate


The effectiveness of The Mental Relief program lies in its multidisciplinary approach. Using the powerful combination of psychology, psychiatry, data science, technology and US Intelligence tactics, our program eliminates everyday stress, anxiety and worries like no other program.

Our breakthrough science-based method quickly and easily cures all traces of mental
discomfort in just 8 weeks with a remarkable 94% success rate. And all it takes is
just 15-20
minutes once a week.

The end result? New levels of mental comfort, stability, clarity and energy in your life.

A Proven Science-Based Methodology

The Mental Relief Program combines leading-edge, clinically-proven techniques for eliminating stress and anxiety into a single, innovative program for the first time.



Behavioral Therapy

Control the causes of your
negative thoughts and stop
your mind racing by
switching off the
“psychological triggers” that
cause them.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Powerful 5-10 minute
meditation and mindfulness
exercises bring you clarity,
stillness and lasting mental
stability to dramatically
improve your quality of life.


Advanced techniques based
on the latest neuroscientific
research help safely redirect
neuropathways to develop a
new, loving relationship with



By controlling the life-force
of your breath with short,
incredibly effective breathing
exercises, you will develop
the ability to shut off your
body’s ‘fight or flight’ stress
responses and


Highly effective conditioning
exercises from the world of
psychiatry stop the root
cause of stress and anxious
feelings -- and embed the
changes forever.

Intelligence Techniques

Rid your mind of feelings of
fear, worry, and uneasiness
using the secret tactics the
world’s most highly trained
US Intelligence personnel
rely on in high-stress life or
death situations.

The Mental Relief Program is the simple, convenient
and proven way to eliminate micro-anxieties, stress
and negative thought patterns.

100% online, the program features four easy-to-
follow steps that take just 15-20 minutes once a
week for 8 short weeks.

There are no apps to download, programs to install
or passwords to remember – everything is delivered
via a single email each week. It’s as easy as opening
an email or unlocking your iPhone.

The 4-Step Curriculum

Every Friday at 5pm for 8 weeks you will be sent an simple-to-follow email that outlines your exercises for the week in a bite-sized, non-demanding way.

Each of the four steps can be completed within your web browser with nothing more than an internet connection

Step #1
Open the email that arrives in your inbox at 5pm each Friday

Simply log into your email inbox every Friday at 5pm and we will hand deliver clear,
personalized instructions to follow each week.

Step #2
Follow your quick, expertly designed mental exercise for the week

Each week, you will be given a very specific, highly effective mental exercise to follow, such
as a writing, reading or breathing exercise.

Based on over 10 years of research, each exercise is clinically proven to cure everyday
anxiety and stress – and is enjoyable and easy to follow.

Step #3
Learn the proven science behind the exercises

In each email, our team of experts explains the advanced science used from the fields of
psychology, psychiatry, technology and US Intelligence.

This proven, time-tested research is broken down in a way that anyone can understand. And

it ensures the program has a full effect to achieve long-lasting, life-changing results.

Step #4
Watch a short video to embed the positive changes

In a short video of no more than 5 minutes, our team of experts will show you how to “seal
in” the changes made by following the exercises each week.

The videos are entertaining and reassuring, explaining why the exercise is so effective. In
the process, the videos help forever change the way your brain responds to stress, worry
and minor anxieties.

Simple-to-Follow & 100% Online

Helping 80,000+ People Find Mental Freedom…


“I was skeptical at first…”

“Have to admit that I was skeptical at first because I had tried a couple of other programs and also anxiety supplements which had done nothing for me. I decided to give it a shot and I’m so glad I did! Feeling better than I have in years now. Work and life in general are so much easier now.”

“Love how simple it is…”

“I’m super busy so I really don’t have the time to go to therapy every week or meditate every day. The Mental Relief Program was perfect for my schedule. Not only has it really helped
my anxiety and stress, it was so simple and easy to do in just 20 minutes each week. I
actually found myself waiting in anticipation at 5pm every Friday!”


“The science behind it really works…”

“I’m the kind of person who is a big believer in science in all aspects of life. After doing a lot of research I came across this program and having gone through it over the past couple of months, I have to say the science behind it really works!”

testimonial 4.png

There’s no need to visit a therapist’s office, prescription for unnatural medication or waiting weeks for an appointment.

The Mental Relief program is designed to be done in the few spare minutes you have each Friday evening from the comfort of your own home.

Do it quickly in between cooking, waiting to pick up the kids or getting ready for the weekend. It can be completed in full in less time than it takes to watch your favorite TV show.

The program is discreet and completely protects your privacy. There are no labels or diagnoses, either.

No Therapist Visits or Medication

Up to 200% More Effective than Common Treatments

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

46% success rate


55% success rate


50-60% success rate

The Mental Relief Program

94% Success Rate

Lasting Relief at a Fraction of the Cost

The Mental Relief Program makes relief from stress and anxiety affordable to anyone. Unlike
therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists that charge hundreds of dollars an hour.

The reality is ongoing traditional treatments can cost as much as $9,600 over the course of 12 months. But our belief is that money should never be a barrier for living a life of mental

With The Mental Relief Program, you get access to all the most effective techniques of
seeing a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist for just $1.50 per day over 8 weeks.

Changing the Lives of More than 80,000 People…

“3 of my friends have already signed up too!”

“Hi guys I just wanted to say thank you so much! Your program literally changed my life. I recommend it to almost everyone I meet and 3 of my friends have already signed up too!”


“I feel like I have a future again now…”

“I was really struggling with the idea of living the next 30 years feeling sick in my stomach  almost every day from bouts of anxiety. After taking your program this is no longer my reality. I feel like I have a future again now that I can enjoy and be happy because it isn’t filled with worry and stress. Thank you!”


“This is what I’ve been missing my whole life…”

“For years I have felt like I had control over most things in my life. The one thing I could never get a handle on though was my stress and worries. Finally I found this program and I have to say this is what I’ve been missing my whole life! I actually feel like I am complete now that I can control my anxious feelings.”

image (2).png

Want to tell us how this program changed your life?

Start the Next Chapter of Your Life…

Make the Life-Changing Decision to Live Life Free from Everyday Stress, Worries and Anxiety

Starting today, you can make a bold decision and rediscover clarity of mind, balanced thoughts, stability and energy in just 8 weeks in a way that effortlessly fits into your busy routine.

Changing the Lives of More than 80,000 People…

“Great return on my investment…”

“For less than 100 dollars it was such a small price to pay for relief from my stress and
anxiety. It was such a great return on my investment! Even if you’re not 100% sure, you really don’t have much to lose! Other than your worries ;)”

image (2).png

“Thank you thank you thank you!!!”

“All I have to say is… thank you thank you thank you!!! You have no idea how much this has changed my daily life. It is hard to even explain how much clearer my mind now feels. I no longer have to live with the feelings of dread that I used to nearly every day my life no longer feels like it is on hold.”


“Such a small price to pay for so much relief…”

“I had known for a while that I needed to do something about the worries that were creeping into my life especially at work. This program was exactly what I was looking for. I feel so much better already. It really has been the best return on investment, such a tiny price to pay for so much relief.”

testimonial 3.png

Liberating Mental Comfort and Relief are Just 8 Weeks Away…