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Mental Fitness Check

Through this simple test, you will be able to check your stress and micro-anxiety levels and evaluate your mental health.
It will create a clear picture of the way you feel, reason, and think.

The questions are designed to help you get

a better understanding of what's going on inside your mind.

Count how many of the following statements

describe the way you feel, then check the results below:

       Do you agree with any of the following statements?

  1. Sometimes I overthink situations and need reassurance that my thoughts are valid.

  2. I get negative thoughts or disturbing memories and have difficulty getting rid of them.

  3. I want to make my work more enjoyable. Currently, I feel unmotivated.

  4. I often think about things I shouldn't have said or done.

  5. Sometimes I can’t help worrying I won’t be able to afford the way I want to live.

  6. I occasionally feel tired out or have little energy for no good reason.

  7. When someone snaps at me, I spend the rest of the day thinking about it.

  8. I feel that everything I do is an effort.

  9. Sometimes I get easily annoyed or irritated over little things.

  10. Sometimes I can't get my mind off my problems. I think for hours and still don't feel the issue is resolved.

  11. Sometimes I feel afraid, as if something awful might happen to me or my loved ones.

  12. I worry I'm not good enough for my partner or my loved ones.

  13. From time to time I get the feeling I am not as happy or satisfied as the people around me.

  14. Sometimes I feel bad about myself. I'm afraid I'm a failure or I've let myself or my family down.

        During the past month...

  1. I experienced nervousness and uneasiness, and I had trouble relaxing.

  2. I had trouble falling or staying asleep, or I woke up tired.

  3. I had less interest in activities that I normally enjoyed.

  4. I occasionally had trouble breathing or had an accelerated heart rate.


If you agree with 1 to 5 statements, your stress level is Low.

According to your test results, your stress level is low. Although there is a risk that stress could become a problem in your life, you are able to manage your relationships and daily tasks without unwanted interference.

If you agree with 5 to 12 statements, your stress level is Moderate.

Your results indicate you may be experiencing symptoms of moderate stress and micro-anxiety, which means there is considerable risk they could cause problems in your life.
Although you are generally able to cope, your stress and worry may sometimes interfere with your ability to function in your everyday life.
Based on your answers, living with these symptoms could be causing difficulty managing relationships and your daily tasks, which consequently may affect your overall emotional state.

If you agree with 12+ statements, your stress level is High.

Your results indicate that you are experiencing symptoms of high stress. Based on your answers, your stress is hard to bear and it's overwhelming your ability to effectively cope with it.
Your symptoms seem to be greatly interfering with your relationships and daily tasks. You find it hard to make decisions and every little problem causes great difficulty.

Whether your current stress level is low or high, be assured stress is a very common problem with a wide range of causes.
However, stress intensifies over time and it can dictate the way you carry out your life. What is most important is that you take active steps to reduce the intensity of these unwanted feelings, and learn how to eliminate stress from your life.


If you want to know more about stress and learn how to avoid it, you may benefit from our Secrets of a Stress-Free Life course. Head to the course page and learn more about our program.

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