Is the Mental Relief Program right for you?

The Mental Relief Program has been used by more than 80,000 people to relieve stress,
worries and anxious feelings with a 94% success rate.

While remarkably successful, the program is not for everyone. And we want you to be
certain it is right for you.

The program has been specifically designed for people who suffer from the most common,
everyday stress, worries and anxiety. To determine if the program will help with your stress
and anxiety, simply complete the Mental Fitness Check below.

If you answer “Yes” to more than three of the questions below, then you are a strong
candidate for the program and there is an extremely high chance of success.

Take the Mental Fitness Check today and find out if the program is right for you. It only takes
two minutes to complete.

PLEASE NOTE: The Mental Fitness Check has been designed by our in-house team of
researchers and scientists. If you have any questions about your results or require
additional support, please contact us

Mental Fitness Check Questionnaire

1. In the past 30 days, have you felt anxious about something that happened at work?

2. Do you ever playback in your mind something you have said earlier in the day, worrying about how it has been perceived?

3. Do you often worry about the people in your life dying?

4. Do you often wake in the night with negative thoughts or feeling anxious about what you have to do the following day?

5. Do you ever feel nauseous and sick in your stomach due to a pattern of stress and worrying?

6. Do you have a habit of overthinking and analyzing situations, imagining the “worst-case scenario” which never eventuates?

7. Do you feel that you have more potential in life but you are held back by fear and low self-esteem?

8. When stressed do you sometimes feel a tightness in your chest and have trouble breathing?

9. Does it often feel like people around you are judging you and forming negative opinions about you?

10. Do you have a tendency to self-criticize and harshly compare yourself to others around you?

11. Are financial worries like paying your rent, mortgage and bills a cause of regular cause of stress and anxiety?

12. Are there times when your mind goes blank and you have trouble talking due to anxious feelings?

13. Do you experience tension headaches or a heavy heartbeat due to stress or spiraling negative thoughts?

14. Are there times that you feel “on edge” for no apparent reason?

Did you answer “Yes” to more than 3 of the questions above?

Sign up for the Mental Relief Program today to discover relief from common stress, worries and anxiety.

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