If You Had a Way to Make All Your Worries and Anxieties About Becoming a Mom Disappear Just by Taking a Few Simple, Quick Steps…

What Would that Mean for Your Pregnancy Journey?

Hi there, (soon to be) Mama…

If you are pregnant and feeling emotionally unprepared…

And you want your pregnancy journey to be filled with calmness, clarity and joy… 

…then you are in the perfect place, lovely.

Here’s why:

Pregnancy and motherhood should be the most amazing experiences of your life.

But why doesn’t it always feel that way?

Why are so many days filled with a sense of being on edge, millions of worries, and the feeling of “losing control”?

As a mother myself, I will never forget those days during my pregnancy…

I would worry constantly about losing my identity once my baby was born…

I struggled to connect with my unborn child, becoming anxious that I lacked maternal instincts…

I stressed that I’d completely ruined my career chances…

And I hate to say it… 

…But I would even catch myself resenting my unborn baby at times because of all the sacrifices I was having to make…

I felt horrible...

…It even crossed my mind that maybe getting pregnant

was a big mistake.

Making Matters Worse, I Felt Ashamed and Embarrassed That I Wasn’t as Perfect And Prepared as All the Other Moms On Instagram.

As you navigate your pregnancy journey, do you ever find yourself…

  • Worrying that things are happening WAY too fast and feel you are not ready to be a mom…?


  • Stressing about whether your financial future is secure enough to give your baby a good life…?


  • Fretting about feeling “fat” and “unattractive” when you are supposed to be “glowing”…? 

  • Thinking that your partner will no longer desire you as your body changes, ruining the amazing relationship you once had…?


  • Fearing that you have completely destroyed your career prospects because you won’t be able to go back to work (that’s if they will even have you back!)…?

  • Having constant negative thoughts about the health of your baby, even contemplating the worst-case scenario of a miscarriage…?

And above all else… Are you struggling with unshakeable “Mom Guilt” that you won’t make a good mom because you feel you lack the emotional skills to handle all the responsibility?

Let me tell you… worries and feeling anxious are TOTALLY normal for new moms… but it doesn’t have to be this way.

As a mom, I’ve been through the emotional roller coaster you are on.

Let’s be clear, the way you are feeling right now doesn’t mean there’s anything “wrong” with you.

It’s just that pregnancy is nail-bitingly unpredictable. 

It can feel like you are stranded, trying to figure it out on your own.

Especially when it’s your first child!

There’s a reason for this…

The truth is the chemicals in your brain change when you become pregnant.

And it’s these hidden biological changes that are the source of the feeling of being on edge, out of control, and constantly worrying.

Now, if you are like all moms, all you want is for your pregnancy to go perfectly.

If I’m Right About This… And You Want to Experience a Glowing, Worry-Free Pregnancy that Goes Exactly to Plan…

…Then I Want to Invite You to Join Me as Part of…

The Happy Motherhood Project

A simple yet effective 8-step mental self-care program that guides you through your pregnancy journey by sensitively eliminating common worries, anxieties and stress that come with being a mom.

  • Follow a proven path to develop unbreakable confidence that makes you feel utterly prepared in every way for the day your bubba arrives (and the years beyond!).

  • Uncover simple, reassuring mental habits that completely put to bed negative thoughts about your baby’s health (while never dampening your vital maternal instincts!).

  • Master ways to put your mind at ease anytime it starts to wander and worry about money, your baby’s health, or if your husband will still find you attractive.

  • Fill your mind and body with calmness and tranquility to stay healthy, balanced and free from tension to best nurture your baby’s development.

  • Find your “Motherhood Zen” via an empowering mental state that enables you to pursue all your biggest career and life dreams while still being an amazing mother.

  • Take charge of your “pregnancy hormone roller coaster” with simple techniques for managing emotions, stress and anxieties without any medications or nasty herbal remedies.

Plus… everything else you need to be absolutely mentally prepared for every moment of your pregnancy journey and all the ups and downs that come with motherhood.

What women say about our program

“As a first time mum, I figured that feeling anxious and worried was just part of the deal. But by month 3 I couldn’t handle feeling jittery every single day. So glad I found this program! It made the second part of my pregnancy so much calmer and relaxed. Thanks!!”


Monica L.

“Seriously had my doubts after my coworker recommended this program to me in my second trimester. But she insisted it worked so I figured I had nothing to lose… Thank god I did! It completely changed how I felt and my connection with my baby. I really don’t know how I would have got by without it.”


Adele K.

“Working as a VP of Sales meant my stress and worry levels were already through the roof. Then when my third pregnancy happened my body’s stress levels went into overdrive. Finding this was the only thing that helped me survive a hectic 9 months of pregnancy, work and raising a 2 year old and 4 year old”


Phoebe H.

The Proven Program That’s Helped 60,000+ Women Prepare for and Enjoy their Motherhood Journey to the Fullest

By the end of just 8 weeks, you will feel happier, more energetic and well-balanced

…just by simply following proven, easy-to-follow and quick exercises you can do at home that allow you to discover balance in all areas of your motherhood journey.

So How Exactly Does the Happy Motherhood Project Work?

The Motherhood Project combines unmistakable real-life motherhood experiences with 1000s of hours of clinical research.

This combination is what makes it so effective.

In short, it’s the ONLY mental wellbeing program designed specifically for the unique needs of soon-to-be-moms, in partnership with leading mental health professionals.

The Happy Motherhood Project gives you the support you need to blissfully navigate motherhood and bask in every incredible moment of the experience.


The Happy Motherhood Project is the easiest and most enjoyable way to meaningfully improve your happiness and emotional wellbeing during your pregnancy journey…

…That Requires Just a Few Minutes Every Week & Zero Hard Work

Quick & Simple Exercise #1

(Takes just 8 mins)

Inspiring Self-Care Mindset Exercises

Based on scientifically proven cognitive behavioral therapy, these inspiring mindset exercises help rid your mind of feelings of fear, worry, and uneasiness.  Learn to stop overthinking and put your body in a perfect, calm state for your baby’s health.

Quick & Simple Exercise #3

(Takes just 15 mins)

Balancing ‘Maternity Meditation

‘Maternity Meditation’ practices take just 5-10 minutes, bringing you uplifting clarity, stillness and lasting mental stability. It’s a proven, soft-touch way to stop worrying, filling you with the soaring self-belief that you will make an amazing mom.

Every week you will receive a short, personalized exercise.

The best part is that each fun exercise takes just 15-20 minutes. 

It’s so simple, it fits into even the busiest schedule of work, home life and family responsibilities.

Here’s just some of the simple & effective weekly exercises…

Quick & Simple Exercise #2

(Takes just 5 mins)

Empowering ‘Motherhood Mindfulness’

Based on scientifically proven cognitive behavioral therapy, these inspiring mindset exercises help rid your mind of feelings of fear, worry, and uneasiness.  Learn to stop overthinking and put your body in a perfect, calm state for your baby’s health.

Quick & Simple Exercise #4

(Takes just 6 mins)

Building Positive Mental Patterns

Discover how to create positive mental patterns that allow you to be kinder to yourself, manage natal stress, and stay emotionally in control. And stop the negative patterns of judging yourself against other moms (especially those on Instagram!).

Quick & Simple Exercise #5

(Takes just 8 mins)

Energizing Breathing Exercises

Learn to harness the power of your motherly breath to stay balanced and calm for the health of you and your baby. Incredibly easy to make a part of daily life, these energizing breathing exercises bring an instant calm to even the most hectic days of motherhood.

Quick & Simple Exercise #6

(Takes just 10 mins)

Restful Sleep Techniques

The better you sleep, the more physically and mentally healthy you become.  Learn how to restfully sleep through the night without your anxious mind waking you (HINT: this has nothing to do with “counting sheep” or other useless old wives’ tales).

This Simple Yet Effective Program Takes Just 15-20 Minutes Once a Week for 8 Short Weeks…

…And is Done 100% Online from Your Home

I’ve made this program so easy for you…

Here’s how simple it is:

Every Friday for 8 weeks you will be sent an easy-to-follow email.

Simply open your personalized email on your smartphone or laptop.

Inside, you will be given everything you need to experience a glowing pregnancy free from all worries and anxieties.

It’s all done in a bite-sized, non-demanding way that takes no time at all.

In just 8 short weeks you will develop more confidence, self-love, and a deeper emotional connection with yourself and your baby.

Here’s how it works


Open the email that arrives in your inbox at 5pm each Friday

Simply log into your email inbox to find your personalized email with simple instructions to follow for the week.


Follow a quick, expertly designed mental wellbeing exercise

Each week, you will be assigned a quick, enjoyable and easy-to-follow writing, reading or exercise to enhance your mental wellbeing.


Watch a quick explainer video

A member of our team will walk you through your exercise for the week, ensuring you get it right to experience the long-lasting, life-changing results to expect.


Watch a short video from our team to embed the positive changes

In a short video, our team of experts will show you how to “seal in” the changes made by following the exercises each week.

All You Need To Do Is Simply Commit To Easy And Steps For 15-20 Minutes Once A Week For 8 Short Weeks…

Is This a Small Commitment You Are Willing to Make?

*Risk free. 100% Guaranteed.

Experience Mental Self-Care & Balance That Lasts Throughout Motherhood

The incredible journey of pregnancy has many phases. And the Happy Motherhood Project prepares you for them all.

Whether you’re in your first month or last month of pregnancy… This program is designed to keep you mentally happy and healthy long into motherhood.

This program is for you...

  • You are embarking on your first pregnancy

  • You already have kids & are blessed with another pregnancy

  • You are in your first trimester & navigating early pregnancy

  • You are in your second trimester & becoming visibly pregnant

  • You are in your third trimester & preparing for the big day

Wherever you are on your motherhood journey, the Happy Motherhood Project prepares you for every up and down of pregnancy and new motherhood.

Who am I… and why should you listen to me?

Hi, I’m Jessie Norman Motherhood Coach & Mom

I’m a mom of three beautiful bubbas.

I’ve lived every up and down of motherhood you can imagine.

The self-doubts about being a good mom? Constantly!

Stressing constantly about finances? More than I’d like to admit…

Worrying about what having bubs would do to my taut body? Yep, been there… 

Not to mention the general feeling of overwhelm and doom that I just wasn’t cut out to be a mom…

From talking to friends and my mother’s group, I knew I wasn’t the only one feeling this way.


That made no sense to me.

Motherhood is meant to be an amazing journey. Yet moms everywhere were just like me… stressed, anxious and worried sick about becoming a mom.

Today, I have worked with over 60,000 moms.

It’s become my mission to help moms everywhere.

To help guide them to become more calm, confident and in control. 

My goal is to show you how to enjoy every sparkling moment of being a mom.

Because as moms, we’re all in this together.

Motherhood Coach & Mom

I Have Implemented this Program for Years and Seen it Achieve Incredible Results in the Lives of 60,000+ Amazing Women

“I’m only 5 weeks in but so far I can already notice the difference… my worries and anxieties about having my first child have already almost entirely gone.”


Erica W.

“We had an unplanned pregnancy. I felt so unready for it and I would break out in tears constantly throughout the day. I felt like I had no one to support me and like I was completely on my own. I couldn’t even explain it to my husband properly. Finding this program saved my sanity and helped make me feel ready to be a mom.”


Kim S.

“Being a single income household we stick to a very tight budget and count every dollar we spend. I almost didn’t go through with buying the program as a result but so thrilled that I did because it’s such a small investment for the peace of mind and wellbeing you get in return. It teaches you things that you will use long after your bub is born too.”


Stacey N.

The Happy Motherhood Project has a Proven 94% success rate at eliminating Prenatal Stress, Anxieties and Worry

Cognitive Behavioral



46% success rate

55% success rate


50-60% success rate

Happy Motherhood Project

94% Success Rate

*Risk free. 100% Guaranteed.

Look, I get how hectic this pregnancy journey can be. Especially if you are juggling a career and raising little ones at the same time!

That's why I make The Motherhood Project so easy to do. Even if you are 38 weeks in and walking is becoming a challenge!

Do it All from Your Smartphone or Laptop (Even While Lying Down on the Couch with your Feet Up...)

Medications, drugs or pills of any kind

Expensive, inconvenient trips to therapists or doctors

Hour after hour of reading self-help books or meditating 

Negative labels or diagnoses in any shape or form

Accepting that feeling stressed is a normal part of pregnancy.

Better Yet, Here's What it Doesn't Involve...

This program takes just 15-20 minutes and is so simple and convenient, all you have to do is open your email inbox once a week.

This is Without Doubt the Best Investment You Can Make for You and Your Baby

I know building a family takes time and money.

Nothing strains the family budget like having kids. 

But practically everything you buy barely lasts a year. If that…

Your baby will quickly grow out of clothes, strollers, car seats and every other costly purchase…

But The Happy Motherhood Project is different…

It’s a remarkably small investment that will have a huge impact on your health – and your baby’s.

It will guide you through your whole pregnancy.

Giving you peace of mind that stays with you long after your baby is born.

Put simply, you just need to ask yourself…

If You Could Make a Small, Affordable Investment Today to Guarantee a Positive, Glowing Pregnancy Experience… 

…What Would That be Worth to You?

The Program that Has Help Guide 60,000+ Moms Through Motherhood

“Listen here ladies! If you are feeling any doubts or uncertainty about being a mom you HAVE to try this program! It will change EVERYTHING i swear!


Monique P.

Two words… THANK YOU!!! I was an emotional wreck during my first pregnancy. A friend recommended me to try this and it made bubba number 2 so much easier and worry free!”


Anthea G.

Balancing work and a toddler I didn’t think i would have time to follow a program of any kind… but this was so simple and easy. It really only takes 20 minutes max each week and the benefits you get in return are so worth it.”


Kelly S.

I Normally Charge $1695 for My Coaching…

But 2020 changed the way I view the world…

I was one of the lucky moms who got through COVID unaffected.

I still had my health.

I still had my home.

I still had my income.

But I know not every family was so lucky...

Many struggled to make it through 2020. And continue to struggle today.

That’s why I’ve chosen to offer my coaching for a special price.

My hope is by doing this, even more moms will get to experience its benefits.

So, for a limited time, if you sign up for The Happy Motherhood Project today, you get access to the full 8-week program for just $97.

That’s a special price of just $1.50 per day for 8 weeks.



*Please note: As the world recovers from COVID, I don’t expect to keep my prices this low for much longer. So, please, if you feel like my program could help you in any way, try it now before prices increase again.


100% Secure, Private and Encrypted Payment

Happy Motherhood Project
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Here’s What You Will Get Over 8 Empowering Weeks…

Inspiring mental self-care exercises, readings and writing exercise delivered straight to your inbox that will ease all pregnancy worries, anxieties and stress.

Empowering ‘Motherhood Mindfulness’ practices to naturally defuse negative thoughts about your body, baby’s health and becoming a mom.

Balancing ‘Maternity Meditation’ practices that require just 5-10 minutes to bring you uplifting clarity, stillness and lasting mental stability.

Learn How to Build Positive Mental Patterns as part of your daily life that stop negative patterns of judging yourself against other moms and become more self-assured and centered.

Energizing Breathing Exercises that let you discover how to harness the power of your motherly breath to stay balanced and calm to support the health of your mind, body and baby.

Restful Sleep Techniques that help you overcome nighttime anxious thoughts to help you get the vital rest you and your baby need for your growth and wellbeing.


Safe Checkout

100% Secure



16 Easy-to-Follow, Engaging Videos that walk you through every exercise in a graceful, supportive way to create long-lasting change to your mental wellbeing.

How does payment for the program work?

The program includes a small, one-time payment of $97. There are no ongoing payments or hidden fees.

We use PayPal because it’s the easiest and safest way to accept payments online. If you’ve never used PayPal before, it’s very simple:

  1. Fill in the checkout form above, then click “Complete My Order”

  2. In the pop up form, confirm your details and click “Continue”

  3. Then simply click “Pay Now” to securely checkout with PayPal

  4. There’s no need to log in, simply choose “Pay With a credit / debit Card”

  5. Then fill out the credit card details as you normally would, and that’s it

If you need assistance at any time, please email us at


P.S One last thing…

Chances are, you’re probably one of those busy moms who skip straight down to the end of the page. 

If that’s you, here’s the deal…

The Happy Motherhood Project has been designed to make you the best Mum you can be. It achieves this by helping you become mentally prepared in every way for motherhood.

From one mom to another, I know how important it is to you to be able to look back on your pregnancy fondly. For it to be the amazing experience that it was meant to be. Not a time filled with worries and anxieties.

And that’s the priceless peace of mind this program gives you. 

Through inspiring mental self-care, The Happy Motherhood Project helps make you the amazing, balanced and bubbling mama you always imagined being.

It gives you all the support you need to mentally enjoy your pregnancy and the blessing that is motherhood.

So… ready to experience the blissful motherhood you’re dreaming of?

*Risk free. 100% Guaranteed.

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