Behind the Science

Find out more about how The Westberry Institute combines all the leading fields of mental wellbeing into a single, highly effective approach.

Backed by 2,400+
Research Studies

50+ Years of leading
research combined

A globally renowned
team of Scientists

10+ years of program

A One-of-a-Kind Scientific Approach

The scientific world has studied mental wellbeing for decades. Research has proven some individual
methods can be effective in treating elements of
common negative thoughts patterns and mental


But never before have all the most effective methods for treating mental discomfort been combined in a single program. Until now.

At The Westberry Institute, we have pinpointed the most effective science-based methods for enhancing mental balance and combined them into a single program for the first time.

It took years of research to first identify the treatments that work. Then, by evolving and building on existing knowledge we have connected these once isolated fields of research in one highly effective, streamlined mental relief program.

The Culmination of 10+ Years of Research

Using advanced data science and decades at the forefront of our industry, our team has spent more than 10 years building a leading-edge methodology.

Our proprietary approach is entirely built on clinically backed science. It draws on over 2000
global studies, distilling this research into a single program based on five proven science-
based methods:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is proven to improve mental wellbeing by changing negative thoughts and behaviors to enhance emotional comfort.

  • Psychiatry

Psychiatry pinpoints and treats the root causes of your anxious feelings and mental discomfort by focusing on mood, behavior and cognition.


  • Neuroscience

Neuroscience focuses on the structure and function of the human brain and nervous system to optimize its processes for mental wellbeing.


  • Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation fortify your mind to bring clarity, stillness and lasting mental stability to dramatically improve your quality of life.


  • Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises regulate the neural circuit in your brain to eliminate stress, anxiety and  promote increased mental comfort.

Delve Deeper into the Science Behind The Westberry Institute

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a proven psychological treatment that is highly effective for treating depression, anxiety disorders and negative thought patterns.

Unlike many fields of psychology, CBT is backed by substantial scientific research that its methods produce significant, lasting change to mental wellbeing.

CBT is based on the core principles that your mental discomfort is based on unhelpful ways of thinking, behavior and learned patterns.

By incorporating the most effective elements of CBT as part of our program, we help you become more balanced, fulfilled and effective in daily life


Psychiatry uses a medical-based, bio-social approach for assessing and treating mental discomfort. At its cores, this includes targeting various imbalances linked to mood, behavior and cognition.

Psychiatry looks at mental wellbeing holistically, focusing on both physical and mental contributing factors.

Psychiatric treatment often combines medication and psychotherapy. But at The Westberry Institute, we take a zero-medication approach.

We do this by incorporating only the psychotherapy elements of psychiatry in a non-demanding way to address the root cause of anxious feelings to provide lasting mental relief.


Neuroscience focuses on cellular and molecular biology, physiology, human behavior and cognition to map your brain’s performance at its deepest level.

Advanced neuroscience concentrates on the “networks” of your brain. That is, the connection between your hundreds of billions of neurons (brain cells) that create “brain circuits” that process your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Neuroscience gives us the greatest insights into how your mind works and its relationship with the rest of your body. It is biology and psychology combined.

With our cutting-edge understanding of how your mind works, our program safely redirects neuropathways to develop new thought patterns and behaviors to relieve stress, anxiety and worries.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness is the ability and quality of being fully present in the moment. It’s about being free from distraction and judgement – in touch with your thoughts and feelings but not troubled by them.

Meditation is the most effective way to achieve mindfulness in daily life. Both mindfulness and meditation are rooted in ancient wisdom – but have since been proven effective by numerous scientific studies.

By influencing the mechanisms in your brain, mindfulness enhances your mental and physical health by decreasing stress, anxiety and negative thoughts. Essentially, you reach a calm state by producing the opposite of a ‘fight or flight’ response.

Our program integrates centuries-old meditation practices, combined with the latest scientific understanding of mindfulness to bring you lasting mental relief.


Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises have been used for centuries. But only in more recent times have scientific studies revealed just how powerful they are for mental and physical health.

Controlling your breathing regulates the neural circuit in your brain. This influences your emotional state and heart rate, tapping into emotional control regions to produce more organized brain patterns to bring about calmness.

Breathing exercises work in two ways. They stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system to decrease physical factors of stress and anxiety, and redirect attention away from negative thoughts to eliminate psychological factors.

We’ve relied on the leading research into the science of breathing to develop the breathing exercises in our program. Integrated into your daily life, they promote mental comfort by decreasing stress, anxiety and insomnia


The Best of All Worlds, Combined

For the first time, our team has combined cognitive behavioral therapy, psychiatry, mindfulness and meditation, neuroscience and breathing exercises into the most comprehensive program of its kind.

Our revolutionary Mental Relief Program is founded on decades of research, clinical studies
and real-world applications. It uses only the top 0.1% of proven treatments, exercises and techniques.

The five fields of science behind our program coexist seamlessly, complementing each other
to provide the world’s most complete treatment plan for everyday stress, anxiety and worry.

All exercises, research and tips are delivered directly to your inbox in an innovative, tech- based format.

There’s no need to visit a therapist, take medication or create your own practice. It’s all done
for you in a simple-to-follow 8-week program.