Westberry Institute was founded by six professional psychologists, psychiatrists, and neuroscientists with a sole aim: To help people with different stress- and anxiety-related issues improve their mental health and achieve mental harmony.

At first, Westberry was a traditional mental health provider with two main programs, cognitive behavioral therapy and art therapy. After a decade of successfully helping thousands of patients, it became obvious that the scale of the mental battleground was much larger.

We realized that in order to make a real difference in the world, we had to come up with a better, unprecedented, and unique approach that would completely change the course of stress-relief practice.

Our results showed us that despite all the success, traditional solutions have big disadvantages. To be effective, they need huge commitments of  time and effort from patients, and they’re too costly to be accessible for everyone.

Through our experience, we discovered a simple truth: Most of the time people give up not because of the ineffectiveness of the solution, but because of how hard it is to follow.

It became a challenge for us to create a solution without these major disadvantages. A single, most effective method that’s simple and fun to follow, and doesn’t take too much time and money.

We started gathering all the data from highly effective neuroscientific, psychological, and psychiatric methods and practices, distilling it into unique solutions that could make a difference.

Finally, after years of development and testing, we’re proud to offer our 8-week mental programs to the world.

Instead of trying to figure out which therapy or practice is right for you, losing too much time to achieve too little, and worrying whether you’ll be able to maintain the results once and for all, we’re offering you 8-week programs tailored to your exact challenges, that you can go through in the privacy of your own home.

Without homework, medication, or long therapy sessions, every part of our programs includes the exact information and instructions you need to move to the next step — no more, no less.

We already have over 80,000 graduates from all over the world, and in 91% of cases, there is complete remission of the mental disruptions, while in 3% there is a significant decrease in their occurrence.

So if you’re tired of being stressed-out and if you believe you deserve a better life, it’s time to start making things happen. Believe us, it’s FUN.

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