50+ Years Combined Experience.

7 Leading Experts.1 Purpose

To Eliminate Anxiety and Worry from the Daily Lives of Millions.

Our Industry-Defining Approach

Led by Science

Everything we do starts with science. Research is our foundation, our
North Star and the
reason for our success.

The Top 0.1%

We vet, test and trial to find and use only the top 0.1% of proven research in
our program.


Making you feel
happier and more
effective in daily life is
our core focus. And
we’re not satisfied
until we achieve this.


We have a 94% success rate. Impressive, sure.
But we’re always
pushing to find that
next one percent –
and beyond.

One Team

We come from different research fields, but we act as one. Stronger
and more successful
through our combined

On a Global Mission with Personal Meaning

The Westberry Institute is built on a father’s love for his son. And has grown into a global mission to eradicate debilitating micro-anxiety and chronic worrying ever since.

More than 15 years ago, our lead psychologist Dr Ian Stevens noticed mild symptoms of anxiety in his son.

Lacking an effective solution that didn’t involve
medication or drastic treatment, Dr Stevens made it his mission to create one – and The Westbury Institute was born.

One Team,

a Multidisciplinary Approach

At The Westbury Institute, we’ve created the only comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach for treating the cause of negative thought patterns that lead to feelings of mental discomfort.

Together, our team has spent more than 10 years developing a method based on neural-mechanisms, psychology, data meta-analysis and human behavior that has helped more than 80,000 people eliminate daily stress and worries.

The revolutionary program we have created draws on thousands of research studies, identifying and implementing only the 0.1% of methods that are proven to work – and making them all available to you for the first time.

An Expert Team Like

No Other

We’re an unparalleled team of psychologists, psychiatrists, data scientists, a technologist and former member of a “US intelligence” Agency.

Our diverse team comes from all backgrounds, but shares a single mission. Each of our team’s science-based specialties complements the next.

Individually, we’re experts in our fields.
Together, we’re the world leaders in curing stress, worry and anxiety caused by daily life.

Technology is On Our Side

Our lives are driven by technology. And so
is our program.

Using insights and gamification from the
world of wearable technology, we have built
our program with a tech-first approach.

It’s easy-to-use, enjoyable and intuitive – as
natural as using your smartphone or browsing the internet. Because we know simplicity breeds success.

Improving the Lives of Thousands

80,000+ People, the Same Result…
Mental Freedom, Fulfilment & Happiness

“I feel like I have a
future again now…”

“I feel like I have a future
again now that I can enjoy
and be happy because it
isn’t filled with worry and
stress. Thank you!”

“It’s hard to describe
how much better I feel…”

“It’s hard to describe how
much better I feel after
finishing the program. The
best way I can explain it is
that I feel like weight has
been taken off my

“I used to be the
biggest “stress head”

“Before I started this
program I used to be the
biggest “stress head”... I
know it sounds kind of over
the top but I really feel like
this program has changed
my life.”


Ready to find freedom from daily stress and anxiety?