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Stress and anxiety don’t have to be a part of daily life. Experience life-changing, lasting relief from common stress, anxiety and worries today


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A Life without Worry is a Life Fulfilled

Experience Daily Life with a New Sense of Control

Modern daily life is filled with bursts of stress, micro-anxieties and unending worries. The triggers are near endless: pressure at work, unexpected bills or what others think about you.

If you’re like millions of people across the world, sometimes it can feel like there's something wrong or is about to happen, even though rationally everything is OK.

The truth is when your mind is constantly racing like this, it prevents you from reaching your full potential.

At The Westberry Institute, we empower you to find freedom from negative thought patterns that cause anxious feelings and worries. Discover a newfound level of control of your mental and physical health and experience more clarity, balance and happiness.

Put simply, when you live each day without worry, you live life in full color.


What Do You Need Help With?


Stress in daily life



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Constant worrying


Negative thought patterns


Difficulty sleeping

The Mental Relief Program

One Institute, One Program


The Mental Relief Program is our flagship program that helps eradicate micro-anxiety, negative thoughts and persistent worries in just eight weeks.

Based on industry-leading insights into psychology, human behavior and neural-mechanisms, the program is designed to deliver lasting mental relief by addressing the root causes of stress, anxiety and worries.

Built on the latest technology, it’s an incredibly effective, science-based approach that requires no medication, willpower or visits to a therapist. The entire program can be completed from the comfort of your home and has a remarkable 94% success rate.

Wondering if the Mental Relief Program Will Work for You?

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4 Steps for Invigorating Mental Relief

The Only Program that Requires Zero Willpower

The Mental Relief Program is the only program of its kind. It uses a simple-to-follow yet incredibly effective method that guides you through the entire process of eliminating the root causes of mental discomfort.

Just 4 easy steps and 15-20 minutes once a week for 8 short weeks is all it takes.


Open the email that arrives in your inbox at 5pm each Friday


Follow your quick, expertly designed mental exercise for the week


Understand the proven science behind the exercises.


Watch a short video to embed the positive changes for good.

100% Online and Made to Fit Your Lifestyle

100% online and delivered directly to your inbox each week, finding lasting mental relief has never been more convenient. There are no therapist visits, medication or major changes to your lifestyle.


Using Science to Transform Lives

Through Lasting Mental Comfort

We’re dedicated to one thing: eliminating common stress and anxiety. The type of everyday worries that weigh down more than 500 million people worldwide.

To achieve our single-minded mission, we’ve assembled a team of world-renowned experts in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, data science, wearable technology and “US intelligence”.

Together, our team spent more than 10 years developing a proprietary method that has empowered more than 80,000 people to eliminate daily stress and worries.


50+ Years Combined Research

Our expert global research team has spent more than 50 years focused on treating stress and anxiety.

Proven Multidisciplinary Methodology

We use a leading-edge combination of psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, data science and Intelligence.

Technology-Driven Approach

Our approach combines the most advanced research with the latest technology for accessibility and efficacy.

Backed by Science

Our proven approach is founded on more than 2000 research studies.

What Our Members Are Saying…



“Wish I’d done this years ago…”

“I’ve spent about 20 years always worrying about every little thing imaginable. Since going through this program, these feelings are completely gone! My only regret is that I wish I’d done this years ago!”

“I wake up now without anxiety for the first time in years. Amazing!!”

“I feel complete again…”

“For years I have felt lost and just anxious about just about everything in my life. Now I have gone through it I feel complete again and no longer live in stress every day.”


Has the Mental Relief Program changed your life? Let us know!